Designation - CYTED Thematic Areas

Dr. Gómez-Zavaglia Manager of the Agrifood Area

Dr. Andrea Gómez-Zavaglia

Dr. Andrea Gómez-Zavaglia, director of CIDCA, was recently appointed manager of the Agrifood area of ​​CYTED (Ibero-American Program of Science and Technology for Development).

The Agrifood area and 7 other priority thematic areas for the Ibero-American region are the ones that frame the activities of the CYTED Program, each of them has a committee made up of a specialized manager who leads the committee and 4 members and are in charge of analyzing regional needs in the area and based on this design a proposal for action.

In the field of Agrifood, CYTED promotes excellence in research in food production, processing and conservation, to contribute to the solution of food safety problems (availability, distribution and safety), as well as increasing the added value of agricultural products. , fishing and aquaculture, depending on what the markets demand. The Area aims to be an effective promoter of the development and adaptation of new technologies, as well as the improvement of traditional ones in order to raise the competitive level of the agri-food sector and the quality of life of Ibero-American societies.


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