CIDCA researchers distinguished with the Konex 2023 Award

CIDCA present at the Konex Awards

Noemí E. Zaritzky and María Alejandra García

In the 44th edition of the Konex Awards, the Foundation selected the 100 most outstanding personalities of the last decade 2013-2023 of Science and Technology in Argentina.

The Grand Jury is chaired by Dr. Alberto Kornblihtt and made up of 20 personalities, among which is Dr. María Cristina Añón, Senior Ad Honorem Researcher at CIDCA.

Among the 100 personalities, 5 were selected for each of the 20 disciplines, although discipline No. 21 "Pandemic-Covid 19" was exceptionally created for this edition.

In the discipline "Agricultural and Food Sciences" Drs. Noemí Elizabeth Zaritzky and María Alejandra García, both CIDCA researchers.

In this edition of the 2023 Konex Awards, the Grand Jury also awarded other distinctions: Special Mentions, Special Mentions for Trajectory, the Konex of Honor to an outstanding personality who died in the last decade and a tribute to some figures who died during the 2013 -2022.

The awards ceremony will be on September 12 at Ciudad Cultural Konex.

More information on the page of the Konex Foundation HERE